Posted Jun 19 2017

So, Is Anyone Actually Going To Go And See Valerian?

As the highest budgeted independent movie ever made, Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets is easily the biggest gamble of the summer. And writer/director Luc Besson isn’t necessarily expecting it to be able to take down the big boys of the season, recently telling Empire magazine “I see it like running a race. You can beat your own record but finish sixth. Or you can finish first but your time is not so good. What do you prefer? Me, I prefer to beat my own record, even if I don’t get the trophy.”

Although based on a series of graphic novel that are incredibly popular in France, the tales of Valerian and Laureline are little known anywhere else, and despite, some knock out visual trailers that both hark back to, and look incredibly far beyond Besson’s own cult fave The Fifth Element, this is very definitely a hard sell. With Fast 8, Transformers 5, and everyone else with a known and proven “universe,” audiences of late have not been known for shelling out their hard earned on something they don’t have previous knowledge of.

So, take a look at this background featurette, designed to bring the uninitiated up to speed with the space worlds of Valerian and Laureline. And then go and see it!


 Valerian arrives this July


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