Justice League - Despite The Late Entry Of Joss Whedon, This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: November 17 14:58

Has its moments - just not too many Read and comment...


Welcome To The Hotel Transylvania - You Can Check Out Any Time You Like...

Posted: November 17 14:17

...but you can never leave, (sequel-wise) Read and comment...


Rampage - So, It's Basically San Andreas With A Huge Monkey Then..?

Posted: November 17 09:01

"Geeeeooooorrrrggggeeeee!!!" Read and comment...


It's Oh So Quiet...

Posted: November 17 09:00

If they can hear you, they can hunt you... Read and comment...


Fantastic Beasts 2 Getting Busy

Posted: November 16 20:02

Title, date and cast pic - all show up Read and comment...


With Less Than A Month To Go - Jedi Ramps Up TV Stuff

Posted: November 16 14:59

Four new spots to drool along with Read and comment...


Deadpool Gets Wet On Wet To Tease Us

Posted: November 15 15:39
Holy fuck knuckles - this is one odd trailer Read and comment...

Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool - This Movie Gently Rocks

Posted: November 15 14:20
Liverpool - as good a place as any though... Read and comment...

Ingrid Goes West - This Instagram-Unfriendly Movie Just About Rocks

Posted: November 15 14:18
Uneven, but still likely to be this year's finest stalker comedy Read and comment...

Mudbound - This Netflix Movie Rocks The Dour

Posted: November 15 14:16
Epic post-War racial drama - not overly cheery Read and comment...

Gotta Dance, Gotta Dance...

Posted: November 13 16:35
Hugh hoofs in for Christmas Read and comment...

Paddington 2 - This Hugh Grant And A Bear Movie Beautifully, Gorgeously Rocks

Posted: November 09 15:57
All your bear necessities - one stop shopping for Christmas Read and comment...

The Florida Project - This Life In The Shadow Of Disney Movie Rocks

Posted: November 09 15:57
From an iPhone to glorious 35mm Read and comment...

Professor Marston And The Wonder Women - This Superhero Origin Movie Rocks

Posted: November 09 15:55
Where Diana Prince got her kink Read and comment...

Marjorie Prime - This Off-Beat Movie Oddly Rocks

Posted: November 09 15:52
Future grief - ghosts in the machines Read and comment...

I, Tonya -This Movie Rocks Its Lutzes Axels Pirouettes & Twirls

Posted: November 05 21:37
When figure skating turns ugly... Read and comment...

Murder On The Orient Express - This Old Fashioned Movie Rocks The Rails It Rides On

Posted: November 05 20:58
So, whodunnit? Really??!! Read and comment...

The Killing Of A Sacred Deer - This Movie Rocks In The Darkest, Most Provocative Ways

Posted: November 02 23:03
Meditations on watch straps, armpit hair, menstruation and beautiful hands (and hand jobs) Read and comment...

A Bad Moms Christmas - With All The Christmas Spirit In The World, This Movie Doesn't Rock Like The First One

Posted: November 02 22:27
A Bad Mom is not just for Christmas... Read and comment...

Thor Ragnarok - This Marvel Movie Rocks - In A Funny Way

Posted: October 30 16:56
Third Thor. First flat-out comedy Read and comment...

Jigsaw - This Movie Rocks By The Numbers

Posted: October 28 15:45
Eighth time adds a new twist - who Saw that coming? Read and comment...

Call Me By Your Name - This Movie Sweetly Rocks

Posted: October 27 09:54
Anyone for the Italian countryside? Read and comment...

Breathe - This Movie Sincerely Rocks

Posted: October 27 09:52
Take a deep let it out slowly... Read and comment...

The Death Of Stalin - This Blackly Comic Movie Rocks The Dark Stuff

Posted: October 26 15:03
Dead and loving it! Read and comment...

Happy Death Day - This Groundhog Die Of A Movie Rocks

Posted: October 21 19:06
Live. Die. Repeat. Read and comment...