We Don't Normally Do Television - But This Is Dick!

Posted: August 21 10:32

And it's a slow news day, Jerry Lewis aside... Read and comment...


The Dark Tower - This 95 Minute Long Series Killing Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: August 20 18:02

Makes you want to forget the face of your father Read and comment...


We Don't Normally Do Television - But This Is Curb

Posted: August 19 18:16

The "Larry Signal" has been lit - is he bothered? Read and comment...


Obi-Wan Gets The Third Standalone

Posted: August 18 09:41

With Stephen Daldry directing (but Ron Howard's waiting in the wings!) Read and comment...


An Inconvenient Sequel Truth To Power - This Movie Climate Rocks

Posted: August 18 09:41

Gore blimey! Is it getting hot in here? Read and comment...


The Hitman's Bodyguard - This Old Fashioned Euro Pudding Of A Buddy Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: August 17 20:16

If it's Tuesday, this must be Coventry..? Read and comment...


Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

Posted: August 17 12:01
New Kingsman TV stuff Read and comment...

There's Something Strange In The New Thor Trailer

Posted: August 17 07:22
The Doc shows up in Japan Read and comment...

Detroit - This Riotous Movie Rocks - With Caveats

Posted: August 16 21:02
Undeniably strong. Undeniably weak in certain areas Read and comment...

Lobster People Are At It Again

Posted: August 16 20:18
This is not a hospital you want to visit Read and comment...

The Biggest Non-News Story...Ever?

Posted: August 16 10:17
Yes, he's back Read and comment...

Is This The Adam Sandler Redemption Movie?

Posted: August 16 09:59
Can Noah Baumbach save the man who made That's My Boy? Read and comment...

Cracks In The Marriage? UPDATE - New Trailer To Boot

Posted: August 16 07:56
mother! has a new poster for you Read and comment...

Sorkin's Game

Posted: August 15 15:17
Chastain and the chips Read and comment...

Black Philip To Remake Nosferatu?

Posted: August 15 10:13
No, but Eggers & Taylor-Joy are Read and comment...

From An iPhone To Glorious 35mm

Posted: August 15 09:56
Tangerine maker heads to Orlando Read and comment...

What Tyrion Did On His Holidays

Posted: August 15 09:44
Thanks for the memories, Dinklage Read and comment...

Annabelle Creation - This Hello Dolly Movie Rocks Its Conventions

Posted: August 14 20:48
Your mother darns socks and smells... Read and comment...

Atomic Blonde - This Super Cool, Super Fun Movie Cold War Rocks

Posted: August 10 18:36
Like John Wick, but with boobs? Oh, so much more Read and comment...

A Ghost Story - This Ponderous Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: August 09 15:29
What Oscar winning Casey did next Read and comment...

Maudie - This Quietly Understated Movie Gently Rocks

Posted: August 03 15:14
Hawkins & Hawke - two of the best things you'll see this year Read and comment...

Valerian And The City Of A Thousand Planets - This Typically Mental Besson Movie Doesn't Quite Manage The Whole Rocks Thing

Posted: August 03 15:13
In space no one can hear you fail. (Can on Earth though...) Read and comment...

The Ghoul - This Movie Does Not Rock

Posted: August 03 15:09
Call it The Wheatley Effect Read and comment...

The Big Sick - This Movie Sick Rocks

Posted: July 27 15:34
Girlfriend in a coma - we know, we know, it's really serious Read and comment...

The Incredible Jessica James - This Movie Netflix Rocks

Posted: July 27 15:34
Old fashioned rom-com. Contemporary attitude Read and comment...