BAFTA Watch - Oscars Announce - Time For The Big Dog...UPDATED Now With New Kimmel Ad

Posted: January 23 18:04

And it's looking more and more like a Billboards/Lady Bird/Water face-off Read and comment...


Welcome To Wakanda

Posted: January 23 17:32

Time to get to know the place Read and comment...


Dundee - It's Really Happening!!

Posted: January 23 10:00

Crocodile sequel is unexpected. Unloved? Unwanted? Read and comment...


Game Night - Twice The TV Spots. Twice The Fun??

Posted: January 22 19:07

The Bateman sub-genre returns Read and comment...


Kaiju On Your TV

Posted: January 22 18:34

Boyega and co on their tail(s) Read and comment...


What? Another Female Hero? Already?? Oh Well... UPDATED - They've Added A TV Spot

Posted: January 22 18:29

No shorts, mind Read and comment...


More Accessible Than mother!? UPDATED - Now With New TV Spot

Posted: January 22 18:26
J-Law - she either dies. Or becomes a Sparrow Read and comment...

Who Stinks This Year? The Razzies Know

Posted: January 22 16:37
Worst movie noms here one day before Oscar Read and comment...

Dwayne's "Big" Meets Monkey's "Bigger"

Posted: January 22 13:18
Like Jumanji - but in an urban jungle? Read and comment...

Welcome To Spielberg Country - Post-Post

Posted: January 22 12:15
Are we Ready for Player One? Read and comment...

BAFTA Watch - SAG Improve The Odds For Billboards - Three-fold

Posted: January 22 09:31
Actors liking actors Read and comment...

The Commuter - This Daft Movie Does The Silly Rocks

Posted: January 21 12:30
So Liam - is this the one you retire on? Read and comment...

BAFTA Watch - PGA - And The Winner Is...

Posted: January 21 10:46
Producers go for a Mexican Read and comment...

The Post - This Pre-Watergate, Post Fake News Movie Rocks

Posted: January 18 14:01
Snubbed by the BAFTAs but still well worth your time Read and comment...

Coco - This Pixar Movie Rocks - Like You Were Expecting Something Else?

Posted: January 18 13:42
The Day Of The Dead - no, not the Romero version Read and comment...

Days When You Could Really Use Some Magic

Posted: January 18 12:04
Dan Radcliffe tackles Beast of Burden Read and comment...

Insidious The Last Key - This Fourth-So-Far Movie Bangs But Never Rocks

Posted: January 17 13:20
Need a break from all those worthy Oscar contenders? Read and comment...

Phoenix Loses The Beard, Hill Picks It Up - But Don't Worry

Posted: January 17 09:01
And John Lennon soundtracks Gus Van Sant's latest Read and comment...

Infinity War Goes International

Posted: January 17 00:39
And a new look at Ant-Man And The Wasp Read and comment...

Eric Clapton Life In 12 Bars - This Rock Movie Rocks

Posted: January 15 14:11
Slowhand slowly emerges Read and comment...

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - This Movie Just Rocks, Pure And Simple

Posted: January 11 14:19
Frances McDormand - as Oscar bound as anyone can be Read and comment...

Darkest Hour - This Churchill Movie Rocks (Oh Yes!)

Posted: January 11 14:09
The other side of Dunkirk Read and comment...

Hostiles - This Bleak Western Rocks

Posted: January 03 13:36
Go West Young Bale Read and comment...

All The Money In The World - This Gripping Partly Re-Shot Thriller Rocks

Posted: January 03 10:59
Like Spacey was never even there... Read and comment...

Molly's Game - This Sorkin Movie Rocks

Posted: January 03 10:59
He directs, They Walk, They talk - and talk so well! Read and comment...