How'd They Do That?

Posted: June 22 08:38

Apes get spotted, WETA works magic Read and comment...


Back To The Future - 2049 Goes BTS

Posted: June 22 08:27

And boy, does Harrison Ford sound enthused... Read and comment...


Solo - Really On His Own Now

Posted: June 21 09:05

Lord and Miller sacked mid-production Read and comment...


Tansformers The Last Knight - This Transformers Movie Never Discovers Rocks

Posted: June 20 23:03

Not the worst Transformers movie we've ever seen. Hell, not even the worst King Arthur movie we've seen this year. Read and comment...


The Keatonaissance Continues

Posted: June 20 15:36

Birth of a franchise? Read and comment...


Anyone Else No Longer Excited By The Thought Of Another Lego Movie?

Posted: June 20 10:29

Worked twice - but thrice? Read and comment...


Hello Dolly!

Posted: June 20 09:59
Because every horror doll needs a creation myth... Read and comment...

One Day, All Films Will Be Named After Simon & Garfunkel Songs

Posted: June 20 09:41
Right now, we just have Baby Driver and this Read and comment...

Maudie - This Quietly Understated Movie Gently Rocks

Posted: June 19 21:01
Hawkins & Hawke - two of the best things you'll see this year Read and comment...

Meet Bad Ape UPDATED - Now With Even More Clipage!

Posted: June 19 15:55
Steve Zahn - set to steal the show Read and comment...

Song Of The Week - Arcade Fire - Creature Comfort

Posted: June 19 15:43
Portishead help bring on the synths Read and comment...

So, Is Anyone Actually Going To Go And See Valerian?

Posted: June 19 15:41
If you still don't know what it is - here's some details Read and comment...

That's An Aca-Wrap!

Posted: June 19 08:03
Pitch Perfect 3 celebrates finishing production Read and comment...

Pooh Sticks At The Ready

Posted: June 16 15:30
Christopher Robin is going down - Alice and guards at Buckingham Palace still to be spotted Read and comment...

Apple Spotted - Falling Not Far From Tree

Posted: June 16 15:10
Myers-Shyer offspring goes Home Again Read and comment...

Dan, Dan, Dan Of The Jungle - Watch Out For That Tree

Posted: June 16 14:55
Things we wish we hadn't done on our holiday Read and comment...

Ferrell & Wahlberg - Here To Ruin Fathers' Day For Everyone

Posted: June 16 13:00
Well, at least Mel's in it Read and comment...

There's A Riot Going On UPDATED - Now With True Story BTS

Posted: June 16 07:57
Detroit going up in flames in new trailer Read and comment...

Whitney "Can I Be Me" - This Tragic Rock Doc Rocks

Posted: June 15 10:47
The voice - and all that went wrong with it Read and comment...

The Mummy - This Monster Mess Of A Movie Doesn't Really Rock. But Doesn't Completely Suck Either

Posted: June 09 20:32
Should've stayed buried? Read and comment...

My Cousin Rachel - This Dark Cornish Romantic Thriller Of A Movie Just About Rocks

Posted: June 08 20:50
Rachel makes a great Rachel Read and comment...

Berlin Syndrome - This Hostage Movie Semi-Rocks

Posted: June 08 20:50
Scary - but can you really identify with it? Read and comment...

Wilson - This Filter-Free Movie Rocks

Posted: June 07 12:05
Do not stand next to this man at a urinal Read and comment...

My Life As A Courgette - This Non-Vegetable Movie Rocks

Posted: June 02 12:13
We say courgette, You say zucchini. Don't call this whole thing off. Read and comment...

Wonder Woman - This DCEU Movie Rocks (More Or Less) - Finally!

Posted: June 01 21:08
All the world was waiting for her - she showed up! (More or less) Read and comment...

Baywatch - This Beached Whale Of A Movie Doesn't Rock

Posted: May 31 21:21
Sinks quicker than a boat named Titanic Read and comment...

The Red Turtle - This Semi-Ghibli Movie Rocks The Shell

Posted: May 26 15:16
Impossible not to love Read and comment...

Don't Think Twice - This Improv Movie Rocks All Suggestions

Posted: May 26 14:27
Don't Think Twice - it's more than alright Read and comment...

War Machine - This Netflix Movie Doesn't Rock

Posted: May 26 13:58
Brad goes to war - you know, satirically Read and comment...